Welcome to Som-Som's Z11 page. This is a personal page on Z11 driver, not an official one. As I sold my beloved printer I am no longer interested in its development or support. So this page is becoming abandoned.

Driver for Z11 printers

Available versions:
2.1.3 15-Jan-2005
  • You can tune printing of horizontal lines, so that they appear closer to ideal.
  • Improved gray-scale printing.
2.1.0 06-Apr-2004
  • First of all, the command line parameters are higly incompatible with the previous versions. So you cannot simply update the driver by replacing the old one.
  • Much improved B&W printing support.
  • Ink saving totally rewritten, making both colour and B&W printouts looking much better, especially for photos.
  • For distribution builders it can be interesting that the old external prolog file is no longer needed.
2.0.0 12-Sep-2003
  • Support for 200, 300 and 1200 DPI printing in addition to 600 DPI. Actually also intermediate values should work, but the output will not fit the page correctly.
  • Faster printing especially when using B&W cartridge.
1.1.6 05-Oct-2002
  • Gray-scale support.
1.1.5 24-Aug-2002
  • Support for various paper sizes.
1.1.4 13-Nov-2000
  • Improved toning. Division by zero fixed.
1.1.3 07-Nov-2000
  • Toning method is changed.
1.1.2 03-Nov-2000
  • Minor corrections.
1.1.1 08-Oct-2000
  • First attempt to reduce ink consumption (setting tone of colours made possible).

For technical reason (MIME type problem) the name of the downloaded driver may be cZ11.c.txt. Please, rename it to cZ11.c.

Installation notes

Current distributions

Current Linux distributions contain printing systems (e.g. CUPS) that support Z11 printer. You can simply download and compile a new driver for it. But printing system will not know about the driver change, which may lead to errors.

RedHat Linux 7.2, drivers v1.1.1 - 1.1.5

  1. Make sure mpage package is installed.
  2. There is a file in your spool directory (/var/spool/lpd/{printername}/) whose name is something like mf.cfg. You should replace "Letter" by "A4" in that file.
Unfortunately printing non-ASCII text files still won't work that way. So you cannot print text files with accented letters, which are very common in European languages. To print such a file import it into a word processor first.

Installation scripts for lpd and RedHat printtool based systems; up to driver version 1.1.5

It is know to work with RedHat Linux 6.2, but for some strange reason it does not work with RedHat Linux 6.3.

You need the original driver package from Christian Kornblum's Lexmark page. After extracting the package replace cZ11.c by another driver version. Then follow the instructions as it is described on Christian Kornblum's Lexmark page or try one of the installation script below.

Available versions:
1.1.1.A4 16-Nov-2000 Release with A4 sized paper support. Reduced ink consumption. For color cartridge. 16-Nov-2000 Release with A4 sized paper support. Reduced ink consumption. For black cartridge.
1.0.1 02-Oct-2000 Release with A4/letter sized paper autoselection. For color cartridge.
1.0.1.A4 02-Oct-2000 Release with A4 sized paper support. For color cartridge.

It works for distributions where printer settings are stored in /etc/printcap.

For technical reason (MIME type problem) the name of the downloaded script may be install_filter.txt. You may rename it to install_filter. After downloading add execution right on script by chmod +r install_filter.

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